Hi Mary,


Isn’t he getting big? He is so handsome, and such a wonderful pet. We are all crazy about him. He visited my daughter’s preschool class yesterday, and everyone was very impressed with him. He just fits into our family so perfectly – thank you. We’ll send another photo when his ears are all the way up!

Heather 4/22/2008


Hi Mary,

Just a note to let you know how “Mandy” is doing. She is the most delightful pup I have ever seen. We are all really taken back how quickly she learns. And how laid back she is. She gets along with every body and entertains us all. Tell Nemo he did good. I will send you a picture soon. She has gained 5 lbs. since we got her home. Thank you,

Erwin 3/17/2008



Received Hans as scheduled on Friday. As an owner of several gsd’s I must say that over the last three days I am very impressed with this dog. Very intelligent, fearless and obedient. Many people might not believe this but , in three days he is completely paper trained. he utilizes a dog house. goes through the night quietly in a room we provide for him off of our living room. this for about seven hours, except for the first night.

He has “sit” and “down” commands down pat better than most adult dogs I know. Also we have the hand bite thing stopped already. All at 8 weeks. Haven’t heard him bark once in the four days we had him. Beautiful dog to top it off. The only thing I can say up to now is, “awesome GSD”.


Larry 1/1/2008


Hi Mary,

I may be interested in another puppy but not until next fall. Are you planning anything this far in advance? We are all so happy with Gus, it’s unbelievable.





Our Shepherd just turned 1 this month. This is our second Shepherd. In a word she is perfect.

Last night I took her to my daughter’s soccer game. For an hour she was mauled by a group of children from the ages of 2 to 12. She let them pet her, play “shake” and generally do all the wrong things children do interacting with a dog and she loved every minute of it! She is very smart and does have a strong will, but with a firm and loving hand is quick to obey. From a health perspective she is too young to know about genetic issues. That said, I had to put an 8 year old Shepherd (from a different breeder) to sleep last year for health reasons so we where very careful in selecting a breeder. In short, we are thrilled with Penny. Also, I have attached a picture of Penny with my daughter from last fall. I think her smile says it all! Regards,

Kent M. 9/21/02


Do you think she likes kids???,

We are SOOO impressed with her behavior this weekend Mary – can’t even tell you how pleased we are with her. She is almost 10 months old!!! These are our nephews and nieces – in total there were 16 people on the camp trip and everyone wanted to take her home… More to follow – have a wonderful 4th!

Chris 07/03/2002



I really don’t think you can wrong dealing with Mary. We found here on the internet with her site and after MUCH research traveled down from the Seattle area to pick up our puppy. Ours is named Jia Li and can be seen in various locations on her web site (on the home page with the children, on the photos page sitting in the car, the head shot on the lawn, swimming, on the boat with my wife, and the close-up on the carpet.. along with several puppy shots). Jia Li just turned one year on Sept 9th.

My wife and I already had a dog when we began discussing and researching German Shepherds – a dog we both always wanted. We are very active, and our dogs go everywhere with us. Jia Li LOVES people and seems to understand children and their size with minimal interaction from us. She is gentle, loving, and very calm (one of our nephews refers to her as “The kissing machine”). She has never had any problems with other people, other dogs or cats. She understands that our older dog can’t run and play, we have two cats that she loves to play with, and our neighbors also have dogs and horses. She is VERY outgoing, and willing to try anything new – she loves camping, walking, playing ball, driving in cars, boating (loves the water), or just snuggling. She is also very protective of our family, friends and property. She will never hesitate to let people know that she’s there with a deep bark.

We got here at about 8 and a half weeks old and was checked out by both Mary’s vet and our own, both with a clean bill of health. Training her was a breeze, and she finished and 8 week course of basic obedience with a score of (I think) 96 out of 100!

Our pup was from the Nora litter, but I suspect all of Mary’s dogs are similar. Mary was wonderful to work with and to this day we maintain contact with her. She is genuinely interested in the well being of her dogs, and truly loves to hear back from the new owners. If you are serious about Shepherds I would research every aspect of them, talk to people, other breeders, etc. We spoke to many breeders from around the country, but Mary was the most knowledgeable by far. If you are not familiar with Shepherds you will learn that they are possibly the most versatile, loyal animals you can own. And we honestly believe it takes people like Mary to make them available for the dog lovers out there!

Good Luck and have fun!



This little guy is such a joy! He is by far the smartest, cutest and best of the litter if you ask us. We think he is exceptionally intelligent and the way he has us wrapped around his little finger proves that. He is already “half” potty trained and today he actually went to the door and barked to go out (at least to us it looked like he did).

He went to the dentist with Bob yesterday in his big wicker basket because Bob tried to call and cancel the appointment because he had a new puppy but the dentist told him to just bring him along and the receptionist would “doggy sit”. The kids in the waiting room wore him out with attention.

Thank you for following up and we will be happy to give you updates since we are so proud of our new addition. He is napping now but will undoubtedly be up soon and I will tell him “hello” from you.

Take Care – Bob and Mary 7/18/2000


From Chris

I love your site! Your dogs are beautiful! My sister Cassandra is Hendrick’s “owner”… he is a delightful dog! Thank you for your hard work raising such wonderful family friends!

Chris 8/17/2000


Hi Mary,


Sorry it has taken so long to send a picture of Embargo (E’ma). My daughters have taken most of the pictures of E’ma to school – for display in their lockers. I will send additional pictures of E’ma before she is (1) year old. The picture enclosed is around the Christmas Holidays with E’ma and my daughter…this is the daughter whose birthday was around the time we were planning Ema’s flights from Oregon to Cincinnati, this past August. Since Ema’s arrival to our family, there has been no questions as to who E’ma belongs to! These two are definitely bonded, the are inseparable. As you can tell by E’mas’ photo she is a gorgeous GSD! She is extremely healthy, intelligent, with an excessive amount of drive and energy. Her pigmentation is beautiful! A few of E’mas’ favorite things to do are long walks in the woods, where she chases anything that moves! Our barn cats will attest to this, E’ma cuts her no slack. I’ll send additional photos soon…… take care. Sincerely,

Larry 3/30/2001


Dear Mary,

As you can see Major is growing up to be ONE HANDSOME DOG! We love him a lot and thank you so much for him. Today he went to the vet, he now weighs 27 pounds!

He is very independent yet and yet loving… and he’s learning quickly – like not to bite, come, sit, stay, wait, stairs and especially “no biting”.

He loves to be outside “tracking” everything. He is very observant, rabbits, birds, airplanes he doesn’t miss a thing.

We think he’s wonderful!

Warren and Jane 09/29/2000




Sorry for the delay in emailing you. We’ve been traveling since the 3rd when we picked up the puppy (and are still).

I must say that I will never again consider another German Shepherd without going through you! It’s as if you read my mind! He is PERFECT!!! It is so obvious as well how much time you spent with him. He is so well-mannered. I just can’t express enough to you how very pleased I am.

Thanks again, Mary. I do hope to do business with you again some day. I will email pictures to you as soon as we get settled back in Childress.

Talk to you soon!

Pamela 7/5/2007



I just wanted to let you know that she arrived safely. I couldn’t be any more pleased with her… she is gorgeous!!!!and what a sweetheart… I couldn’t believe that she came in and within 10 minutes she stood by the back door, I took her out, and she went… that’s great!!! I can see that you have done great things with your animals… Thank you so much for giving us such a great new family member. I will send you pictures. Thanx again,

Mandi 10/4/2006


Hi Mary,

Viva is wonderful!! She’s very cute, and, beautiful. She went to the vet yesterday and got her second vaccines…also, she was micro-chipped, and, began her heart worm prophylaxis. She was very tired last night, and, I don’t think she felt too well after the vet’s visit. But, this morning she was very perky again.

She’s doing very well with house breaking. Only one mistake so far, and, then, it was my fault. I knew she was looking for a place to go, but, I had my hands full, and, couldn’t get to her in time. We’re crate training her, so, it’s working well. She’s also becoming friends with my cat… one who doesn’t like dogs, but, they’re adjusting well, too.

Thanks for choosing her for me… she’s great, and, I believe she’ll be great! I’ll send you some pictures soon. It’s very hot here right now, and, she likes to lie over the air conditioning vents when she comes inside…she also sticks very close to us. She’s great!!!

Talk to you soon!

d. 7/22/2006


Dear Mary,

We are so happy with this dog! He is doing well and only fussed one day. He has adjusted incredibly well to our family and he is a welcomed , loved and important member of the family. He has been to the beach already. He does excellent with the daycare kids and even the parents love him. This dog seems to be very intelligent to the point of complete surprise. We have the 50# bag of dog food for him from Montana. He will have a full and happy life with us and thank you so very much for the amount of work that you do to raise these wonderful dogs.

Randy, Elia, and Family 6/28/2006


Hi Mary,

FYI….. the 5 ft x 3 ft mini-pen I have rigged up next to the bed works like a dream. His crate is inside with the door fastened open and Brix looks to the place as ultimate safe haven and home base. Never once has he soiled inside. I put him there only for some of his naps and at night. If he has to potty he let’s me know and we go outside and take care of business. Invariably, when he has been inside for a few hours and I take him out for exercise and play (or he lets me know it is time), within seconds of his being set down on the grass he is doing a pee.

Yesterday morning he successfully solved two tracking problems…. such fun to see him run forward and back numerous times and then pick up the scent and head the right direction. Also he went up and down the back porch stairs (8″ risers) for the first time and did it with considerable ease. Had him down at the spring and he navigated the 20 ft long 2 foot wide foot bridge with all the assurance in the world. So proud of him ! ! !

Dennis 6/18/2006





We hope you’re doing great these days. We were just browsing around on your site to see what’s new and reminiscing about hunting for Jack four years back. It looks like you have a great litter coming between Deja Vu and Math – congratulations!

Jack is doing great; he is the best companion we could have ever asked for. Here’s a picture of Jack w/ Shelly on a walk a few months back when we had some light snow in downtown Portland.

Some time in the next few years we’re going to want a little brother for Jack; when we do we’re going to come back to see you. You definitely have the magic touch for choosing the right pairings for the best dogs. Thank you again for the best companion we could have ever hoped for.

Ray and Shelly 4/14/2006


Hi Mary,

Time just goes by so fast 1st met you summer 2000, came to your home had lost our old “dog”. At that time you had a litter but all were spoken for and I was lonely. Saw you again in Nampa, ID at a show, we had purchased a Maxi grandson out of Adrian, OR. Long story short, thru your web site and shows, have watched your “family mature” you leave the competition in the dirt. Still have our Maximum, which for not being the most social and protective dog has just logged his 7th coast trip and many motel stays.

We do not want to get caught looking for a pup again and not knowing where to turn. We would like to stay in touch and watch your line progress with a pet in mind, not wanting to breed.

– Shawn and David 6/2/2005



We thought you might like to see a recent picture of Jack at the Lake over the holidays. He is such an incredible boy. I can’t even describe how impressed we are with how fast he learns. Again, thank you more than we can say in words. We love him more and more every day.

– Ray – Sun, 7 Dec 2003



Dear Mary,

This is just a note to tell you thank you again. Gus is a wonderful puppy. We couldn’t be happier. Everybody loves him – I realize breeding dogs is a lot of work and we just wanted to thank you for it. Talk to you soon.

– Margaret



Dear Mary (mother’s day 2002),

We are getting such enjoyment from Max. Just wanted you to know and, hasn’t he turned out beautiful? Our obedience instructor would take him in a minute! We tried to email this “Mother’s Day Card” but guess the telephone lines were over-extended and email was rejected. So – Max’s Mother’s Day greetings are a bit late. Hope you are well – Warmest Regards

– Doug and Karin and Max



Hi Mary,


Enclosed is a picture of Niiki wearing her “B” medal so proudly. She received her B Title last month after competing in the USA Schutzhund Trial out of Turner, Oregon. Take Care.

– Carol




Deja 2 begins basic dog training in two weeks. I am looking forward to the lessons and hopefully she will enjoy them. I took her to the mall after she had her stitches out and she loved all the people. She lets everyone pet her and was very good with a toddler that wanted to pet the doggie. I was very proud of her! I also had so many compliments on how pretty she is!”




I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy we are! I could in no way imagine a more perfect puppy. Lennon is doing great! He has fit in perfectly with the other dogs and is already playing with them, he is really a prince. The car ride went great, he never wined once. Last night went really well also, he wined a bit, but only needed a reassuring pat and went back to sleep. Mary, his personality is amazing. He is going to fit in great with our lifestyle, he has no fear and is full of so much love. We took him out to the ocean last night, and he ran right through a shallow tide pool, he is curious about everything. Sorry for all the ramblings, I just wanted to say thanks to you and your family for Lennon. It is so obvious that he came from so much love and care, perfectly socialized. And I wanted to assure you that will continue throughout his life, we are truly in love.

Thank you for the best puppy ever!

– Kerry 8-15-03




I am so happy that I purchased Daulf from you, and I am so happy that I got to know you. Out of the many breeders out there, you truly stand up for what you believe in, you take excellent care of your dogs and puppies, and you really try hard to do what is right for the breed. I am proud to own and produce one of your fine German Shepherds. Daulf has his CGC and he is Therapy Dog certified. He loves this job! It is fantastic to watch him at work snuggling up to the elderly and children. We are still working on his CD.

– Theresa 11/10/02



Just thought you would like to know that Kate passed her canine good citizen (cgc) today at a dog expo in Medford. 4 days short of her 6th mo, I am pretty proud of her. Had no intention of doing it today, just took her for the experience, lots of noise and dogs.

After the first exuberance wore off I thought, why not, never thinking she would pass. Well she did me proud. Sat, stayed, came, downed. Walked thru crowd and stayed with stranger for 3 min. with me out of sight. For 6 mos., she was great. Everyone raved over how beautiful she was. Judge said it was so good to see a g.s. with such a good temperament. Thanks again for her.

– Anita


Dear Mary,

Per your request I am sending photos of “Alex” at six months. He is VERY intelligent but sometimes strong headed. He is somewhat like the tasmanian devil – but that is normal for his age. He seems to pick up both the good and bad from the other dogs 🙂 I am VERY happy with him. You should have charged more.

– Ken 4/4/98