Hello Mary,

I just wanted to drop you a line and a photo to let you know that Valdo AKA (Gunner) is doing great. He’s merely three years old, 100 lbs, and very healthy. Thank you so much for breeding such beautiful and intelligent dogs. He is more than I could eve rask for. I cannot believe how smart he is. He does absolutely everything I tell him too. He understands English perfectly. All the way down to the smallest things. For example, when giving him a bath he turns around in the tub on command, and even waits to shake the water off himself until I tell him too.

He is also protective; but not overly to where I have to worry about him biting someone when it is un-warranted. His instincts are incredible; if I’m iffy about someone so is He, Gunner pays very close attention to our surroundings.

Gunner is loved by all who know him; and he receives compliments on his looks and behavior everywhere we go. Really Mary Thank you so much for such a great dog. He has a good life; I would never trade him for anything.


Zach 3/30/2012



Hi Mary,

Today is Helga’s 10th birthday. She is in excellent health with no problems whatsoever. I’m so crazy about her. I want to thank you again for making it possible for me to have her. She is still my working service dog and has always slept with me at night.

We are together always (excepting surgeries on me!). When I must be in the hospital I have a close neighbor and friend over to sit with Helga in my house and then they sleep together in my bed. Then Helga comes to see me in the hospital every day. Right now I have recovered from a surgery from seven weeks ago. All is well and calm in our household.

Once again,

Thank you.

Claire 03/15/2012


Hi Mary,

These are the promised images for Bix (Vic). He is a very noble and outstanding shepherd and my best friend. I am very glad that I got him from you to enjoy his friendship and love for me and my family.

Best wishes

Jorge 03/02/2012




I believe I’ve shared a picture of Lilly with Sammy, our rescue puppy. Sammy was only 8 weeks old when we adopted her and Lilly has taken to her like her own puppy. Lilly has always been a sweet-natured dog but her patience and protectiveness of this puppy has amazed all of us.

I think this picture is a great testimonial to the temperament of your dogs.

Take care

Paul 02/22/2012



Hi Mary-

Thought you might like to see an updated photo of Eica. She is such a smart and amazing friend. I can’t believe that she is almost a year old. She still acts like a puppy but I am starting to see glimpses of the incredible dog that she will grow up to be. Her disposition and personality impresses everyone who meets her. So gentle and sweet. I only wish I had the room to get another pup from you this spring to keep her company. Thank you so much for such a great companion. She is something special!

Steve 02/12/2012



Hi Mary,

Tessa is about to turn 3, Oakley 2. Finally got them to see some real snow. Are they gorgeous, or what?

Andy & Cheryl 02/08/2012
P.S.: Tessa & Oakley are less innocent than they look.



Hi Mary,

I figured you might like an update on Andre. He’s maturing well now at 20 months old. The red in his coat has really come out. He got an A+ from my vet at his last checkup. His coat, teeth and joins were remarkably good. He’s been really good this winter, what with little daylight and all. He’s got a good feel for other dogs and what level of interaction is appropriate. He plays rough with my parents German Shepherd, Jenni (they have a LOT of fun), and recently he met my sister’s teacup chihuahua, who is obviously looking for a more low key interaction. He’s fiercely protective of the house, but instantly recognizes friends. I had some friends come over that he hadn’t seen in about 6 months, and he went from his protective bark to squeaking like a puppy faster than you can blink. I suspect he got the squeak from Qwendi. It’s pretty funny to watch the transition. Here are some photos of him playing outside today. He’s currently asleep on my foot due to all the activity.

Morgan 02/04/2011




It’s been awhile since I updated you on Lilly. She’s now two and a half years old and absolutely the most amazing and beautiful dog. Over the holiday some dad’s and I took our daughter’s camping on the Appalachian trail in the North Georgia mountains. Lilly loves to hike but it was her first camp out and she was awesome. There are bears in the mountains and while we saw none, the girls took comfort in having Lilly at their sides.

Lilly is now about 70 lbs and, according to our vet in perfect condition thanks to our daily commitment to exercise her and your great breeding. Now fully mature she has a “presence” about her of extreme confidence. She’s as gentle as she is beautiful and a continuous source of joy for our family. I thought you’d enjoy the picture of one of your “girls” all grown up.

Take care,

Paul 01/05/2012





Liza and I send holiday greetings to you and your family!

Liza’s first Christmas is a cozy and quiet one today, but we had a big celebration here last night. She was just wonderful through all my daytime preparations and then remained a calm and loving girl when everyone arrived. She continues to amaze and delight me. At a few days shy of nine months, she is now going with me everywhere in public and is so well behaved, including at restaurants where she will now do an extended down-stay. She completed her three week training camp at River Dogs some time ago, but she goes back for a day every week or two for some follow-up training and socializing with the other dogs. They say she is just the happiest, most friendly and loveable dog, her tail is always wagging. Of course that is no surprise to me!

Her sound training is also coming along well, she has the timer down well and we’re now starting on the morning alarm and sirens when we’re in the car. All of her senses are so acute, especially her hearing and nose — actually Liza would have made a good bomb detection or SAR dog too, her nose is always on the ground, I have to really work with her on that in the grocery store to keep it off the floor. She’s so gentle and loving with the people at the nursing home, they really love her and look forward to our two hours there on Wednesdays. Liza’s temperament couldn’t be better, she adjusts very quickly to new situations, nothing seems to disturb her, and while she does not “guard” me at all (a good thing for a service dog), I’m confident that if there were a situation that called for it, she would be right there.

She is a big, beautiful girl with a lovely long hair coat – people will often stop in awe of her. Wish I had a better camera to capture her beauty, but here’s a slightly fuzzy one snapped quickly today after a round of ball in the backyard. She still loves her water play even in the winter. After her chewing through a couple of kiddy wading pools, I found someone with an unused, heavy duty hard rubber livestock water tub, and it’s perfect for her post-ball “water digging” and feet clean-off. Our best to you on this holiday, and thank you again for my wonderful companion!




Happy to report that Franklin’s first beach walk was a huge success. Lots of dogs to meet and people to greet.

Also happy to report that both his ears have been continuously up for an entire week. Our little puppy is now a toddler 😉

K and J 12/01/2011



Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

Just wanted to send you an update on Guinness, aka Yuta, (DOB 11/24/06)
Her 5th birthday was on Thanksgiving!

She is the joy of my life! People always comment how beautiful she is and she is the class clown! We’ve been doing some K-9 Nose Work and just started rally obedience. She plays as hard as she works and then wants to play some more! Yesterday, I was playing with her in a big field and someone drove by, saw us, turned around and just had to meet her. They love GSD’s and thought she was the most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen. Of course, they asked about the breeder and I proudly offered your information. Told them I would only buy a dog from you!

I’m sending you a couple pics to show you her personality… however, as you know, the stills do not capture the true feelings of her expressions. One pic is on Halloween of this year, one with her soccer ball, and one during our blizzard of this year.

I sure do love this dog! I can’t thank you enough!

Bev 11/26/2011




Things are going well with Rueger Bear and Ziva. They really like each other. Our yellow lab is fond of the pup too. Penny, the Maine Coon doesn’t like any of the dogs, but that’s expected of her. Bell, the black cat has already let Rueger know who’s boss.

Rueger actually wears Ziva out. Ziva gets so tired of watching and caring for him all day. But she is such a good puppy mama and we are so glad we have her to play with Rueger. Rueger plays hard and then crashes a few times a day. Rueger and Ziva love tug-a-war. He hasn’t been left alone yet as he would be sure to get into something (probably the garbage).

Attached is a picture from 11/13 of Rueger and Ziva with their bones. All for now.


The Griffith Family 11/20/2011




Thought you’d enjoy seeing the latest in dog pics at The Steele Away.

Franklin’s ears have each been up and down, but this morning both his ears were up for quite a long time and I was able to grab the camera in time.

K and J 11/18/2011




Thought you would enjoy this picture of Wrangler (Drago), he was about a year and a half when this was taken, so he has filled out a little more. He has been through four obedience classes, has his GCS, and now we are working agility (he LOVES it!) He is an amazingly sweet and gentle dog. He isn’t around kids hardly at all, yet when I take him out in public, he always gives the kids a good kiss in the face! The other day we were waiting outside a store, a family came up with a small child, they let the toddler get in has face and pull on his ears, I was ready to pull Drago back at his first sign of distress, but he just stood there and wagged his tail. In some ways he is just a big overgrown baby. You can see in the one picture his “green spider” it’s like his blanket, when he is tired or upset he runs and gets his spider, then just holds it in his mouth, or uses it as a pillow. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he means to me, my life revolves around this very spoiled baby.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog!

Shelley 11/11/2011




Hi Mary,

They are best friends!! Coco (Foxi) is wonderful!! I meant to email you sooner to thank you, but the little one has been keeping us busy/entertained!!

Thank you,

Diane 11/11/2011


Hi Mary,

Duncan (your BJ) has grown into quite the beautiful young man. I have taught him some basic obedience but will be seeking some professional guidance with more advanced training. Here he is with my sons on an outing. I hope all is well with you and yours. If things go as planned I may be looking for a companion for D next year!

Tracy 10/20/2011




Hi Mary,

Hi Mary, thought I would update you on Liza’s progress. She has grown so much, it’s unbelievable, to me anyway, but I’m sure you’re more used to seeing puppies change so quickly. What a joy she is, and her puppy antics are also calming down (ripping up paper etc – but she’s never been destructive to anything other than paper bags, toilet paper etc). I’ve started taking her to a small, fully enclosed and friendly dog park close by, and she just loves playing with the other dogs, and it releases her boundless energy. It is so fun watching her, she has a wonderful temperament and socializes so well with all types of dogs. The only problem I’ve encountered is that she has started guarding the big pan of water under the spigot at the dog park, so we’re working on that. She thinks it’s her private wading pool, like at home, and has occasionally yipped at other dogs trying to get a drink. From the beginning she has always loved her water bowl and often slept with her feet curled around it. And when she drank, she wanted to tip it over and play. She will graduate from the AKC STARS puppy program next week (I’m sure she’ll pass her test!). For her trick, I’ve started her on sound training and she nudges my hand when a loud portable timer goes off. However, she loves being around the dogs in class so much, I hope she will pay attention. We will move on to Super Puppy classes in early October. Everyone just loves her, I’ve heard so many people say that she is the most beautiful German shepherd they’ve ever seen, and so calm. She goes with me into stores and even a couple doctor’s appointments (though I’ve had to anchor her leash, she’s still working on staying down for a longer time, but getting there!). She seems to know that when she’s wearing her vest it’s an important time and she needs to be on best behavior. Liza is so incredibly intelligent and aware of all her surroundings every second. We were in a store the other day when she stood still and focused on the ceiling. I asked the clerk if anything was going on, and she said there was some bleeping from an overhead intercom. Good girl! She is also so very stable, some kids around here have been shooting off firecrackers at random times, and while she barks once, she immediately settles down and focuses on it for just a few seconds and then we go on playing in the back yard. And I was so impressed with her today, I have a floor heater vent cover that has a scroll pattern. It’s next to my bed. Somehow Liza got her foot/toe caught in one of the small spaces. All of a sudden I heard her yelping and running around the room, I had no idea what had happened. Then I saw the vent cover attached to her foot. I finally caught her and with difficulty extracted her foot, she was squirming so much. I thought she would be traumatized, but I calmed her a bit, gave her a treat and put the vent cover back in, and she was just fine, even came over to investigate it, no residual fear at all. She has such an incredible temperament, like you predicated. I have recently rented one of my rooms to a young male Chinese student going to the college nearby, a friend of mine knows him. He adores Liza and plays with her often and takes her for walks. I think it’s good for her not only because of the play but because she is not only adjusting to a male presence but one who speaks with an accent. She has been sleeping in Baewulf’s big 48″ wire crate, but it’s been so hot lately that I’ve let her sleep outside of it, and she’s done so well. She doesn’t get into anything (until I get up and she wants some attention). I’ll attach a few pics of her from last week, one with her nose in one of my shoes while I was getting ready for work and she didn’t think I was paying enough attention to her. She doesn’t damage anything, just her way of saying, hey, look at ME! What a sweet, beautiful girl she is!! Okay, enough talking your ear off, although I was happy to hear that Jacob came down to visit you and that he is planning to get a pup next spring. He can’t get enough Liza loves when we go into the pet store. Thanks Mary, I’m just so happy with Liza, she is even more than I could have wished for.

Danielle 9/11/2011


Hiya Mary,

Just wanted to share a tough photo I finally got of Eric/Miakoda zooming through the agility tunnel of Zoom. 5 months and getting stronger and able to outrun me up the hill now.

Cheers and take care.

Scott 9/6/2011



Hi Mary,

Kiva was our first baby, coming before any children, and then beautifully integrated each of our children into her watchful fold. She was a strong, loving, and noble girl who lived at the heart of our family. Her spirit will continue to do so.

Thanks for helping to bring this blessing into our lives.


Kiva Isabelle 8/25/2011



Hi Mary,

I just thought I would send you some pictures and let you see how Brooke is doing! She’s an amazing little girl; she is the biggest baby but also is a very good protector. I swear she can read my mind. She’ll be three in two weeks! Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for such a great dog.




Hi Mary,

Just a quick note to say HI! I hope you, your family and all the dogs are doing well. We are well. Alara finished Kindergarten this year and Ross is 1.5 yrs old already. Ross absolutely loves Niko. He calls him KOKO. He’s a real animal lover. Very cute.

Niko is doing very well. Health is good, energy is great (especially if any kind of play is involved…tireless!). Now that he’s 4.5 yrs old, he’s starting to show some signs of possibly mellowing out (ha ha). He’s such a sweet guy and minds well. He’ll even bark once in a blue moon to remind us that he’s a dog after all (usually at the deer or other critter on the other side of the fence; and once in a while at someone walking their dog up the road). Just throw his ball and he’s happy as can be.

I wanted to share this photo with you. What a lovely boy he is!

Warmest regards, 7/1/2011



Hi Mary,

Hope all is well with you. I thought I would send you some current pictures of Zeger (13 months) and Garon (Obama). Garon will be 3 years old in a couple months. Scary how fast time goes by!

The “boys” are getting along very well together, and they are both GORGEOUS, as you can see. We found that Garon’s coat continued to grow until he was nearly 2 years old, so I suspect Zeger’s coat will end up being longer than it is currently.

Both guys are fearless and outgoing, and although every shepherd I’ve ever had has been highly intelligent, I must tell you there is something very special about Garon… off the charts (almost eerily) intelligent.

Outstanding dogs. Thank you!

Becky and Jess 7/1/2011



Hi Mary,

I promised not to bombard you with emails, but I had to tell you that Eliza was spectacular at the nursing home today. This probably isn’t a surprise to you, but I wasn’t quite certain what to expect with all the people in wheelchairs, walkers, all the activity. She was simply stunning, doing everything perfectly, even though she was in such unfamiliar territory, new sounds, smells, etc. She of course loved all the attention and everyone loved her. A favorite resident of mine, a younger man confined to a wheelchair and who really loved both Rosie and Baewulf, has been awaiting her arrival but didn’t expect her so soon. He was so excited, and since he couldn’t bend down to pet Eliza, I picked her up and put her in his lap, and she was so gentle and loving, no squirming, just giving him lots of puppy kisses. I was almost in tears. Mary, she is just so wonderful, how can a puppy so young be so good with such little training . . . she was actually much better than Baewulf on his first (and many subsequent) visits, and he had a solid year-plus of training. She is just so calm, intuitive and loving, what a rare combination.

An “open door” alarm went off while she was resting, and Liza immediately responded alertly with her eyes focused exactly where the sound was coming from. Also to mention, her “watch me” is so strong, did Hailey train this or is it intuitive? After a good nap at work when we got back there, I had to stop at a small supplement store and decided to take her in with me. Although I needed only to get one thing, I took a small cart to see how she would react. A little hesitant/curious for about five seconds, then she was right there walking with it. We didn’t go very far, but wow, what a girl! Went through checkout, she sat when I told her to sit, and she’s doing wonderful leash work. Won’t keep you, but I can’t tell you how happy and amazed I am, Liza is one incredible little puppy. Her potential is limitless, and I will be dedicated to letting her be all she can.

Thank you, thank you!
Danielle 6/30/2011


Hi Mary,

Here is your weekly Eica update with attached Photo’s. She continues to amaze me everyday. I absolutely love her and can’t thank you enough.

Have a nice weekend

Steve 6/30/2011



Hi Mary,

Can’t believe she’s two now… couldn’t remember if I sent you these, but here are a some photos from the Multnomah Falls Clean Up day. It’s a fundraiser day for the Oregon State SAR council. We do trash pick up along the trails, and of course the dogs are GREAT for raising $s.

I think these photos do a great job of showing everything a GSD should be…

Gabby 6/30/2011



Hi Mary,

Hi, Mary. It’s Brooklyn. I just thought I’d let you know how Sascha is doing. He is very smart and outgoing. A quick learner. When I’m at home, he is always near me. He is very affectionate with the family and loves meeting new people and dogs. I’ve taken him on my days off to a nursing home to visit the residents and he did very well. Everyone loved him and he was very calm, curious, and friendly. He is very gentle with the elderly and with children. They all seemed so impressed with his temperament. I do plan on taking him back again because of how well he did. I think it’s a good way to socialize him and to brighten everyone’s day there. He is just a great dog and we’ve all gotten attached to him. I took him to a friend’s house so they could meet him and he was already as tall as their adult dog. (They have a Pit-Shepherd mix) He’s growing so fast and loves water. We filled our kiddie pool and he’ll bite the water, stick his front paws in, and bark. Very cute to watch. Oh, and he is potty trained now! I hope things are going well for you, too. How are those little ones doing that I saw earlier this month?

Brooklyn 6/26/2011


Hi Mary,

Here’s an “OK” picture of Bentley. I’m mostly sending this so you can see how friendly he is to everyone and everything. He’s kissing a horse here. We stopped at a state park where three horses were being groomed by their owners (who were kind enough to let us expose Bentley to a new experience).

He did great, as you can see. The horse was very kind, and Bentley was very interested and caring.

He’s a LOT OF DOG (90# already)… still on a diet of raw and Holistic Select. He’s doing great!

Helen 6/24/2011


Hello Mary,

I hope all is well and I wanted to share a 12 week old Miakoda picture with you. Eric Waldhimmel and myself are doing Great! We are continuing our obedience lessons and we are learning so much. We are also in our second week of puppy 101 and he has great social skills towards all people and dogs. Every Saturday we are going to our local shopping mall which is pet friendly during certain hours. We have taken rides in the Elevator and walked big stairs to second levels and met many people and dogs. His Leash work is going great and we are taking evening walks daily.

At times I feel like a delivery driver as I have had so many requests from people to see Miakoda again. I don’t need to focus on the compliments he gets from people he meets. When Miakoda turns One, I have spoken with our dog trainer and we are going to work on getting his Positive Citizen Certification to share his joy with others in our community. Thanks so much for everything and it makes me very happy to inform people about Your Family when they ask, ” Where did you get Miakoda.”

Thanks again,

Scott 6/24/2011




Hi Mary,

I keep meaning to send you pictures of little Cozmo, but have been so busy I keep forgetting to do so. He’s the best puppy! People literally pull over to ask about him and sometimes get out of their car to pet him. As a result he thinks everyone needs to have the opportunity to give him a little love.

I think he likes people more than other dogs and he doesn’t know what to think about cats yet. You’re right – he wags his tail practically all of the time and is a very happy and intelligent little guy.

Thanks and I hope you’re doing well!! He’s a GREAT puppy and everyone LOVES him… sooo cute!!!

JoAnn 6/16/2011


Hi Mary,

Here’s some photo’s of Eica that I thought you might like to see. Her paperwork arrived today – Thank you very much.

Eica has already started to impress everyone who meets her.

Steve 6/16/2011



Hi Mary,

I thought I’d give you an update on Andre. He runs all day at the park like it’s nothing, and still has energy to burn. He still loves everyone, provided it’s not somebody strange approaching my house. We have a few shady folks around here who go through recycling containers, and just some odd trespassing, but nobody bothers us with Andre here. I didn’t get him to be a deterrent for that sort of thing, but he’s proved quite useful on that end! I can’t take him anywhere without somebody commenting on how handsome he is.

– Morgan 5/31/2011



Hi Mary,

We have received the AKC registration of ownership. Thanks so much for clearing this up for us.

Max is doing great and growing bigger every day. He is really a sweet heart even if at times his puppy antics drives me crazy. He loves to fetch anything we throw. And when taking walks on our property in Drain, he finds some of the biggest sticks and tries to bring them to us. Everyday he will do something to show me just how smart he is.

I thought you might like a picture of how he is growing. He is 6 months in this picture. Hard to believe he will be 7 months in just a few days.

Odie 5/18/2011



Hi Mary,

Here is a couple of pictures of Timber at the UKI Trial in Bend Easter weekend. Timber took 1st in Speed stakes for his class.

Love – Mollie 5/17/2011

Congratulations to Timber!!
aka “Jarek von Waldhimmel”