Hi Mary,

Connor is 6 months old today! He had a busy day… went to his 4th Adult 2 Training class and then on to the vet to get his Rabies shot. He’s growing into such a big, handsome guy… he weighed 60 pounds at the vet today! He is very happy and very social, and so far hasn’t met a person or another dog that he hasn’t liked!

I thought you’d enjoy seeing these pictures of Connor that were taken on February 11, 2013 while we were on a walk out at Champoeg Park.

Thank you again for selecting Connor for us… we love him dearly!!!

Love, Christine, Richard, and Connor 02/13/2013


Eloise “Ellie” (Milan von Waldhimmel)
dob 4/12/2008

Ellie is absolutely wonderful in every way! Intelligent, loving, healthy and strong. Beautiful in looks and spirit.

We are greatful to have her in our lives. Thought you might enjoy an updated photo of one from your “M” litter. Adores her frisbee!





Taken after we just picked her up. She is doing well. She is learning so quickly. We are working on “sit” this week. Already walking on a lead. We could not be more delighted.





Hello! It has been a long time. When we brought Sasha home, I worked at George Fox University Health & Counseling Center. She spent the first six months with me in the office, greeting students. She is such a sweet dog, and, as you know, smart. Thought you might like to see her. The cat really appreciates her friendship!

In a year or so, we may be looking for another puppy. Right now, in a doctoral program and working, so it won’t fit in right now. Definitely not too long in the future.

Hope all is well. The pictures are always amazing.


Holley 01/20/2013



Hi Mary,

I’m sending some photos of Solo. He is such a gorgeous dog, people tell me all the time how beautiful he is, and the assistants at the vet’s always want to be in our room. I don’t have words to say what a wonderful dog he is. He is so gentle, so smart, so full of fun. I feel lucky every day to have him in my life. He always sleeps at my bedroom door. One day I had to have a horse put down, and was of course upset. That night for the very first time he slept right next to my side of the bed. He knew. He is so personable I never have to worry when people want to put their hands in the car to pet him, he is such a love.

Mary, I can’t thank you enough for raising such wonderful dogs that bring such joy into so many lives.

A very thankful companion of Solo’s,
Niki. I don’t own him, he owns me, heart and soul.




Hi Mary,

Holiday greetings from Liza (Eliza) and Danielle! It’s hard to believe that she will be two in just a few months. She is doing wonderfully, so intelligent that she often intuitively picks up on what I need her to do without any training. Her public access manners are outstanding, although it took a little while for her to understand that not everyone who passed by in the store was there to give her loves. She simply adores people! And she is so sound aware that I know what is going on around me all the time just by watching her. Liza is getting a new vest for Christmas, this time with the words Service Dog instead of In Training! I’m so proud of her, she is my working dog, my friend and my protector. And, according to so many people who meet her, she is the most gorgeous dog they’ve ever seen. I’ll attach a couple of pics from our first “portrait” session at River Dogs, Liza was fascinated by all the sounds they were making to get her attention.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday, with special thanks for my wonderful Liza!

Danielle and Liza 12/23/2012



Hi Mary,

Connor had so much fun playing in the snow today… he would have stayed outside all day long eating snowballs if I had let him!!!

Thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of him playing in the snow.


Christine, Richard, and Connor 12/19/2012



Hi Mary,

Update on Ingrid!

She has completed 3 training classes, and just recently graduated. She loves it up here in AK! She really enjoys the snow and cold. She is such a good girl, and we love having her in the family. She has improved so much as a puppy in the last few months. Hope to see her picture in the Testimonials!

Jonathan 12/16/2012



Hi Mary,

We wanted to send you an updated picture of Gunner. He is such a sweet dog, he really is a perfect match for our family. He is full of energy and very loving.

We will send more pictures soon.

Toni 12/11/2012



Hi Mary,

Hard to believe Lilly has been with us for over 3 years; it’s hard to imagine life without her. She’s happy, healthy and a much loved member of the family.

I thought you’d enjoy this recent picture near the Appalachian trail. Lilly loves to hike almost as much as she loves her family. She’s with my youngest daughter Addison in this picture.

Take care,

Paul 12/8/2012



Hi Mary,

Thought you would enjoy seeing one of your puppies. This is Liesl, (formerly Elise) The picture was taken last August in front of our barn. She is beautiful!

Brian 12/6/2012



Hi Mary,

It seems like ages since I gave you an update on Andre. He’s as strong as an ox, and at least twice as good looking. My house might as well be Fort Knox when he’s guarding it, but he has a soft side too. I was taking him outside the other day when a woman was walking by with three off-leash Chihuahuas. After a brief “oh no” moment in my mind, he greeted them warmly. He really likes other dogs. Any person on the front porch though, and he notifies me immediately (and verbosely). A couple shots attached. That’s him with his play buddy Jenni, who is his best friend. The other shots are him giving his “may i have that treat?” look, and laying in the surf, which he does with any body of water, no matter how small. As tough as he is, he’s a big baby.

Morgan 11/30/2012



Hi Mary,

Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog! She’s been a great watch dog, great running partner, great companion and great with my 3 year old. We couldn’t be happier! Here’s a few pictures from a recent trail run we did and one from home. Oh – and she’s very serious about playing fetch… its a must do every day (great exercise for her too).

just wanted to thank you again,

Happy Holidays!

Carlos 11/23/2012



Hi Mary,

Thought you’d enjoy these pictures I took of Connor today. We can’t believe it’s been 1 month since we first brought him home… he’s growing up so fast!!! You should see him helping “herd” our goats when we take them out for their “goat walks”… he’s such a natural! And he loves watching all of the goats that live next door to us. He would sit by the fence for hours if we let him… it’s like his own personal TV!!!

We’re really enjoying learning to look at the world through a puppy’s eyes once again. Isn’t it amazing all that we take for granted and how watching a puppy experience something for the first time can make you appreciate life and the world around us even more!

That’s all for now…
Christine, Richard, and Connor 11/4/2012



Hi Mary,

Just a quick note to tell you how much we’re enjoying having a puppy in our home again! We’ve decided to call Icon, “Connor”, which he’s coming to very readily. He is such a good-natured, happy puppy, his tail is almost always going, and he wants to be with us wherever and whatever we’re doing! He’s been going with me into Petco and Wilco, where everyone he meets falls in love with him. The last time we were in Petco, he even had two “cat ladies” fawning over him…..what a great ambassador of the GSD!!!

Every day since we got him, Connor has gone out to do the chores with us. He loves taking care of the goats and the goats have finally decided that he’s not an alien after all! In fact, Connor has helped take the goats out for a walk around our place a couple of different times, and it’s so cute to watch him being the shepherd he was born to be! If we don’t take the goats out (because it’s raining), we still walk the perimeter fence line of our 2 and 1/3 acres, and Connor just trots right along with us, using his nose to check out all the important smells.

I’m attaching several pictures of Connor so you can see how great he’s doing. The first one was taken the day we brought him home, October 7, 2012. The 2nd is of a very tired Connor after he helped me with the morning chores, October 9, 2012. The 3rd one is of Connor exploring the big outdoors, October 11, 2012. And the last three are of Connor helping me with the goats, October 17, 2012.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for choosing the right little guy to fill our home with puppy love!!!

Christine, Richard, and Connor 10/25/2012




I thought you’d enjoy this picture of Lilly taken yesterday. She loves the change of seasons and cooler fall temps mean hours of outdoor fun for her.

We went to a local fall festival this past weekend where she received lots of attention which she patiently endures. She’s so confident that she does not react to all of the fuzz over her and often acts indifferent to strangers who pet her shower her with attention, but her family she adores.

Paul 10/8/2012



Hi Mary,

I thought you might like to see an updated photo of Eica at 18 months. Her obvious beauty and intelligence is only surpassed by her amazingly kind and gentle disposition.

I have been doing Agility training with her and she consistently impresses everyone in the class (including the trainers).

Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Stephen 10/7/2012



Hi Mary,

I just wanted to check in quickly about Duxie, I think she is outrageously smart, calm and super fun. She has a whole neighborhood admiring her, has been camping for a week, and is never separated from our Golden Retriever “Grandpa” or some other loving family member.

I’ve only had to hit myself in the nose with a newspaper a couple of times, so house training is going well.

I will send a couple of pictures as soon as I get a chance. We are all absolutely thrilled to have her; I think and hope she is happy to be with us. I have calls in to several puppy training classes, I’m sure I will find a good one.

We’ve been thinking of you, the new pups and Mom. Hope all is going perfectly well!

Thank you for our new family member!,

Cynthia 9/3/2012




Hi Mary,

Hi Mary! Here is an updated picture of Austin aka Hansen. His coloring is amazing black, red and silver. So many people are asking about him because he is so beautiful. You may get a few calls from New Mexico. High demand for his blood line! He is so sweet and naughty too (as he should be) What a wonderful dog!!! And by the way, Dallas (older brother) is his best friend. Thank you so much!




Fast approaching his first birthday, Franklin wanted to say “Hey” – and we wanted to let you know he’s an absolute dream, as evidenced in his YouTube:

Hope you enjoy the video. We had a blast making it!

Kathy, Joe and The Kidz 8/17/2012


Hi Mary,

It’s been a while since I updated you on Liza (Eliza), but she’s doing so wonderfully, working on more sound alerts and public access manners. I can take her anywhere and be confident that she will adapt calmly to the environment. She’s extremely curious and her senses are always tracking. Just watching her body and ear movements helps me know what’s going on around me that I can’t hear. She is such a happy, loving girl. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful, gentle and sweet she is. You can see it in her eyes in the attached photo, where she was cocking one ear to listen to me this morning. Due to my limited mobility at this time, I found a wonderful family several months ago who live in back of a big park here in Bellevue. The mom and her three young children take Liza three times a week for two hours and go to the park to run/walk/play ball and generally have a great time and lots of fun and exercise for them all. The six-year-old girl can now run Liza around the soccer fields on her own (with mom right behind). Liza doesn’t pull or get distracted, she matches her pace right to little Siri’s. People actually stop and take photos of them, they’re quite an amazing sight together! Liza just loves her “play family” and they were just what she needed, she has calmed down a lot and is focusing more closely now on her work with me.

Today Liza is 16 months old! It seems like yesterday that you brought her here last summer at three months old. She may be bigger, but she still has those same happy puppy eyes… (although a little drippy in the pic, she just dipped her face in her pool during ball play )

Thank you once again for such an amazing dog!

Danielle 7/28/2012



Dearest Mary,

Niko is a dream! Yes, we had biting issues but that was just his way of communicating. We all are learning so much. Right now, he is under my desk as I write this. He is my constant shadow and gets very upset if I am not in his eyesight. He sleeps on my pillow (or tries to) and I think he is realizing he is getting too big to fit all of him on it. 🙂 We have about 40 acres up in the woods that our neighbor lets us roam on. Niko stays with me up the hill and once on open field, he runs, but always comes right back (at a dead run) to check on me. On a side note, we met Shelley (mother of Drago – your Wrangler). She kicked off her shoes in her office and got down on the floor to hug him. I love GSD’s and their parents! I know everyone else finishes their letters with: “Thank you for picking out a wonderful addition to our family.”, but it is very true.

Warmest regards,
Kris and Bob 7/26/2012




I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday. Marleaux is fitting in perfectly with Jack, they’re becoming constant play pals in the yard. I snapped this picture yesterday morning during their daily play session after breakfast. Right now she’s the one starting most of the play sessions, she’s kinda relentless, but Jack seems to enjoy it. She’s growing up into a gorgeous girl, thanks again.

Ray 7/9/2012




Qwendi wanted to let you and Hailey know that she’s having a very nice 8th birthday, and she’s doing great.

She’ll get an extra special mid-week raw bone to celebrate 😉

She sends her love and lots of her kisses to you both.

Kathy, Joe and The Kidz 7/3/2012



Hi Mary,

Wanted to let you know that The Kidz are having a jolly ball time here at The Steele Away. We all just returned from a wonderful vacation in Sausalito, CA, and The Kidz were really great travelers and got lots of attention on their walks. We heard, “They’re such beautiful dogs” over and over.

We’re really enjoying these two. They are both such loving and fun dogs!

Kathy and Joe 6/21/2012




We’ve had the BEST time the last few weeks with Hal (we call him Duke). We love him so much and can’t imagine how we lived so long without him! His temperament is wonderful and he is the absolute sweetest guy in the world! Duke is very at ease and isn’t easily bothered by strange people or noises. Duke has taken really well to his crate for bedtime and sleeps through the night. He’s about 85% potty trained and really doing very well with that. He knows sit, down and shake. Duke is excellent at playing fetch. After he fetches the ball, he brings it back to us and hops right in our laps. I’ve attached a couple pictures. One is of our little Duke and my parent’s German Shepherd, Buddy. They have become BFF’s and really enjoy one another’s company! Duke is the greatest little guy in the world and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks for our great dog, he’s a perfect addition to our family!


Jill and Brandon 6/18/2012





Marleaux (Honda) is fantastic! She’s the perfect little sister to Jack. The two of them are bonding well, getting more accustomed to each other every day. One big difference in her personality compared to Jack is she is a CUDDLER. House training is going well, almost 5 days on and only one accident (my fault, not hers). Thank you again for being a fantastic breeder with fantastic puppies.

Ray, Shelly, Jack, and Marleaux 5/30/2012


Hello Mary,

Hope all is well and I wanted to give you an update on Miakoda/Eric Waldhimmel. Miakoda Just turned One and he had a nice birthday party with a couple lightly wrapped toys. He had so much fun and his tail would not stop wagging as he was bouncing from room to room. With the weather improving, the Agility Equipment is out and we added a few new pieces and started to practice and get back into rhythm again. Basic Obedience is as always, in progress and his social skills towards people and animals are great. He has a fan list that we have to make stops every so often as they Awe at his growth and beauty. I tell them he gets it from his Pack Dad, Me, but they just Snicker at me and let me know my place in the food chain. Miakoda is having his Mature moments and I see more and more of this as he grows. Life seems to still be a lot of Play, Play, Sleep, Play, Eat, Play, Crash. Sticks, Chipmunks, Walks, Chuck-It trips and rides help, and as the weather improves, we spend a good block of time on the Agility Course. In May, we will start our visits to a trainer who will be helping with his Positive Citizen Certification training and see how things go from that point.

Thanks for everything and take care,

Scott 4/9/2012