AKC Registration

German Shepherd Breeders and Limited AKC Registration

I am often asked what Limited Registration means. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has two registrations available to use when German Shepherd Breeders register their puppies.

  • Full AKC Registration has no limits. The dog can be bred/shown etc. This, however, does not mean the dog should be bred or shown.
  • Limited AKC Registration enables the German Shepherd Breeder to control which of their dogs are bred and when. It also restricts showing the dog in conformation in the AKC ring.


My German Shepherd Dogs are shown in conformation in the SV style ring (thru USCA or WDA) and Limited AKC Registration is accepted. My Pet/Companions are not to be shown in either ring.

Limited AKC Registration enables the dog to be titled/shown in Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing & Agility. The only limitations with this type of registration is Conformation and/or Breeding.

When I place puppies into working/show homes their Limited AKC registration can be “lifted” later when their hips/elbows are certified and when/if they achieve the necessary titles/certifications documenting them to be worthy to breed.

There are many gorgeous German Shepherd Dogs that are suitable for breeding …. and there are many gorgeous German Shepherd Dogs that are not. Limited AKC Registration provides a way for Reputable German Shepherd Dog Breeders to insure only the German Shepherd Dogs which meet all necessary breeding requirements are bred.

Here is a link to the American Kennel Club Website for their explanation of Limited AKC Registration: American Kennel Club