Hello Mary,

Mylo had his health exam this evening. The Dr. said everything was exceptional. That was no surprise to us. He spent more time talking about how beautiful and smart Mylo is than his health but it was very clear… The Dr. was impressed and we are very fortunate! We also had an experience somewhat like the one you described at your vet. As soon as we walked in the door another big dog went bananas. I felt sorry for the poor girl who was wrestling his leash (almost in tears). Mylo started walking toward him but Josh just gave him a quick little “pop” and said “sit Mylo”. Mylo sat down and watched this dog. The other dog was straining like crazy against his leash and getting with a couple feet. Mylo just remained calm for several seconds until we led him over to sit down. He laid down next to our feet and seemed uninterested. The whole time we were in the waiting room this other dog is going crazy and Mylo looks like he’s ready to take a nap.

Mylo went to work with me all day today (I plan on taking him with me every day so he seldom ever just sits in his crate all alone here at the house). He just sat on his mat or on the floor all day watching me work. It was a nice break to take him for a walk outside every couple hours (still not even one potty accident). He came over to me about every 20-30 minutes for some petting and a little play time and it was a great experience. I never thought I would say that about taking a puppy to work with me.

I was wondering when (if ever) we should increase Mylo’s food portions? Also, do you need a copy of Mylo’s health certificate for you records? His next round of vaccinations are scheduled for next Monday evening by the way.

Highest regards,
Paul 3/3/2010