Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

Just wanted to send you an update on Guinness, aka Yuta, (DOB 11/24/06)
Her 5th birthday was on Thanksgiving!

She is the joy of my life! People always comment how beautiful she is and she is the class clown! We’ve been doing some K-9 Nose Work and just started rally obedience. She plays as hard as she works and then wants to play some more! Yesterday, I was playing with her in a big field and someone drove by, saw us, turned around and just had to meet her. They love GSD’s and thought she was the most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen. Of course, they asked about the breeder and I proudly offered your information. Told them I would only buy a dog from you!

I’m sending you a couple pics to show you her personality… however, as you know, the stills do not capture the true feelings of her expressions. One pic is on Halloween of this year, one with her soccer ball, and one during our blizzard of this year.

I sure do love this dog! I can’t thank you enough!

Bev 11/26/2011