About Us

I began training/showing dogs in 4H Dog Clubs when I was 10 years old. As I thumb through my albums, ribbons and newspaper articles I realize just how important it was to grow up with a furry best friend. I learned so much through my dogs about responsibility, care, compassion, life and death.

About 2

I have loved German Shepherd Dogs for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I was married that I acquired my first. I can remember the amount of time and frustration it took in finding a quality German Shepherd Dog – something that inspired me to eventually become a quality German Shepherd Dog Breeder.

My first German Shepherd Dog litter arrived 10/01/97. Looking back I can see that each litter “von Waldhimmel” has evolved from added years of experience and knowledge of this ever changing breed.

I continue to educate myself by attending seminars, shows and German Shepherd Dog trials. Our dogs compete at local, regional and national events. We have also begun herding with our German Shepherd Dogs. It is simply amazing to watch these young pups “light up” when they see their first herd of sheep at a young age – showing their natural instincts that we continue to preserve generation after generation.

My German Shepherd Dogs are West German Show lines. I breed for gorgeous black and red pigmentation. My German Shepherds are suitable for Show, Work (Schutzhund, SAR, Agility, Obedience, Therapy, Service Dog etc.) and exceptional Companion Dogs as well.

About 3

My German Shepherd Dogs are titled in “Schutzhund.” Schutzhund = “Protection Dog” and is a breed worthiness test developed in Germany. It is important that the true German Shepherd Dog temperament is preserved – as well as gorgeous color/coat and health. This is especially important when providing quality German Shepherds as devoted family members.

In addition to myself – I am lucky enough to have a daughter that shares my compassion for this great breed. Hailey helps me raise, train, title and show my German Shepherds, and we co-own/co-breed several dogs as well. With her help my puppies are very wellsocialized and one of the many reasons I get so many compliments on my puppy’s flawless temperaments when they leave for their new homes.

About 4

My goals today in breeding are to improve the breed. I am producing healthy, beautiful dogs of great temperament. Whether in the show ring, the obedience ring, on the trial field or lying by the fire . . . always a devoted Guardian Angel.

Contact me if you have questions regarding my German Shepherd Dogs or German Shepherd Puppies “von Waldhimmel”… my gorgeous German Shepherds from our Forest Heaven in Oregon.

– Mary Bryant

Member of:

  • German Shepherd Dog Club of America/Working Dog Association
  • Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV Germany)